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Jose R. Wantland 
Photo Art Biography

Photography career started in 2002. Commentators have stated having a gift for capturing images that speak directly to the observer of the work.

Drawing inspiration for beautiful images from as near as Orange County, California and as far as Europe, Cuba, Costa Rica, Panama and native country, Guatemala. Chosen large canvas as main printing style. Using canvas gives the look and feel of a painting, and yet it is a photograph. Choosing not to include glass on small framed pieces allows the viewer to have a direct connection into the essence of the subject being captured. 

Photography has become an important part of life. It has taught to see from a different perspective by capturing and freezing a moment in time through images.

Work has been displayed at National Geographic, Marriott Hotel in Newport Beach, the Irvine Fine Arts Center , Black Cat Gallery, in Los Angeles, Liberty Art Gallery, Santa Ana, and in the homes of private collectors. Photographs has been printed in The Orange County Metro Business Magazine.


The Orange County Register praised the work by comparing to the famous artist, Georgia O’Keeffe, a high compliment indeed.

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